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  1. Banned on Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape? Sorry to hear that.

    We'd love to know more about your ban, so if you do choose to post about your ban, please include the following information in your post:
    1. What game mode (OSRS, RS3)?
    2. What bots on Runemate have you used?
    3. What other botting software (Powerbot etc.) have you used previously?
    4. Have you been banned previously?
    5. Were you 'suicide' botting?
    6. Did you play legitimately in between botting?

    Remember - Never bot on an account you are not willing to lose!
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  2. Banned twice within the past 2 weeks. One main, one new account that I was working on to replace my main.

    1. What bots on Runemate have you used? MaxiAlcher, MassFighter, MaxiSuperheater (while babysitting).
    2. What other botting software (Powerbot etc.) have you used previously? Before the first 2-day ban, Tbot. Afterwards, Simba.
    3. Have you been banned previously? In March, so ~2 months prior.
    4. Were you 'suicide' botting? No.
    5. Did you play legitimately in between botting? Yes. Quested, bossed, talking in cc's, and pked. Did clue scrolls when I got them (and quested to finish the clue scrolls when that was required).
    6. Extra Info: Got the first 2 day ban using a powerfisher on Tbot. I hadn't really botted the account much since the first 2-day ban. I was already quested for barrows gloves, and had my base stats that I needed to do most of what I wanted. So spent the next few months after that pking, bossing, etc. Didn't bot overnight during those days, only during the day at NMZ for a few hours every few days or so. Didn't really train many stats that required a lot of clicking. Had just left an hour of zulrah, bought 10k alchs to let MaxiAlcher run overnight (was working on getting up to 94 mage after having 82-85 for so long), stood in w2 @ GE (so I was under a stack of people) and woke up to a perm ban. Thought bank training skills like mage, crafting, fletching, etc. were very low ban rate but apparently I was wrong or was just unlucky. My playing time for the day was borderline 3-4 hours and it was all while doing various things like Zulrah, clue scrolling, questing, and talking at GE. Lost 1600 total, 40M and a pretty badass range-tank, but I digress. Shit happens and I took the risk on a main I didn't want to lose by being a lazy bastard.

    Replacement Account:
    1. What bots on Runemate have you used? MassFighter
    2. What other botting software (Powerbot etc.) have you used previously? Tbot.
    3. Have you been banned previously? No
    4. Were you 'suicide' botting? No
    5. Did you play legitimately in between botting? Yes.
    6. Extra Info: Barely botted this account. Made the account, legitimately quested to 7QP for trade limit, bought GP and then members so I could level a lot faster. Over the course of 4-5 days, got about 80 QP, and ~700 total mostly legitimately through questing and powertraining. Only things I botted were magic (cursed varrock monk in members to 59 magic), and used MassFighter at experiments. Left Massfighter to run overnight (first time using on this account), woke up to a 2 day ban. Sucks because its only 700 total level and I used my one free botting pass way too early on. I had assumed experiments wasn't high ban rate seeing as I botted that on the main prior to getting the 2-day for well over a few mil xp. Massfighter seems to be broken for OSRS so that could've been it (it was running fine when I turned it on the night before), or it could've just been the botting at experiments. Doubt it was the monk curser because I've used that on many accounts and never been banned on them. Will probably make another account and start botting that until it gets to comparable stats without a 2-day ban, then switch over to that one instead.
    1. What bots on RuneMate have you used? CelestialFisher, Alpha Web Maker, Development Toolkit, Exia Miner AIO, Mining Dawg, Open Fighter, pPowerMiner
    2. What other botting software (Powerbot etc.) have you used previously? I did use Powerbot/RSBot on this account - I feel this is why I was banned (people seem to think it has really high ban rates - I used the bot SHillGiants to bot Hill Giants)
    3. Have you been banned previously? Not on this account, no
    4. Were you 'suicide' botting? I took some breaks from botting between the day (I usually did 4-7 hour stints overnight, 2-6 hour break, then bot some more).
    5. Did you play legitimately in between botting? Yes. I did tutorial island myself, went to the GE and bought/sold stuff, did a couple quests, etc. Most of it was botting, though.
    As said before, I think my use of Powerbot/RSbot led to this account being banned, because people say it has high ban rates. When I was banned, I had been using Celestial Fisher for more than 12 hours straight - however, I don't personally think this was the cause of the ban, because many people report that this bot can run for a long time without being banned. On the account (~3 days old), I had botted fishing with Celestial Fisher for ~24 hours.

    EDIT: This was on OSRS.
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  3. How long did you bot with RSBot? That said, the RSBot client itself is pretty much instaban.
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  4. I'd say about 4-6 hours total at hill giants, which is the only time I used RSBot.
  5. It's probably because of this. Lmao, I haven't touched RSBot after getting banned... started bot, went to make coffee, came back and boom! Permaban and gf 40m osrs.
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  6. yep. i had some accounts i haven't logged in a few years that used powerbot back then and i logged them in recently and botted with runemate. within a week they got banned. my runemate ones are still safe.
  7. I bot 24/7 with powerbot no bans RS3
    NOTE: I do quests, dalies, train manually most days
  8. Bot 24/7, but still do quests, dailies etc manually most days...
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  9. No one likes a smart ass, you know what i mean, my accont never logs out unless a bot ever bugs
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I have figured something out. It's not about whether or not you bot, it's the client you use. I've had an account I didn't bot at all on banned, just because I was using the RuneMate client (RS3). However, this does not seem to be the case with OSRS, as I have botted and played legitimately (a couple months ago, haven't botted in a while, just sharing my findings with RS3)
  12. Was RuneMate the only botting client you've used on that pc/account?
    The main issue with this theory is that the results vary. For example, I have 7 accounts that I use for testing, but only about 4 get regular use, and I haven't been banned on RS3. I have been banned on OSRS when suiciding rooftops, but in both cases I've been reported.
  13. No other botting clients, no previous botting history. All I did was do barrows, woke up the next day to a ban.
  14. It can't be down to client. Will elaborate later (when I'm at a more accessible location).
  15. did the evidence type include a Jagex Moderator Comment and what type of ban did you get?
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  16. Like I said, this was months ago, when you previously ran the game inside of the RuneMate client. I believe this has been fixed now (I've started botting again) with the use of the Original client over RuneMate.

    No evidence was reported, as they keep their methods "safe". This actually happened twice to me and once to my friend, and I only realized it was the clients fault when I didn't even bot on the second account. But as I said above, I believe this was fixed with the addition of client instancing.
  17. If you were using the pre-Spectre client then that would be why you were banned.

    The new Spectre bot uses the official Runescape client. Because of this, it has a much lower detectability and ban rate.
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  18. I have since realized this. I posted this before I started botting again, and at the time thought it would be helpful to share my knowledge (unbeknownst to me, the client had since been updated). Thanks anyway.

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