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  1. I got banned a about a week ago and I am just posting now.
    Gf 140m
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  2. What were you botting?
  3. Maxiwooodcutter on osrs
  4. I'm using Maxi on my main, baby sitting it. I've had no problems thus far. Maybe you should bot "safer"/"smarter"

    Take breaks. Train other skills. Babysit. Communicate with other players. DO NOT OVER BOT, be realistic.
  5. My buddy was banned using maxiwoodcutter and also maxifisher on another account about 2 weeks ago he hasn't used them since, i don't use them either so can't really say anything about them.
  6. See, these bans you both are mentioning are:

    A) Week+ Ago
    B) Not telling us "how" you botted
  7. he told me the woodcutter one for only used for 2hrs, on oak trees and it was on a 3yr account and fishing one was 1hr fishing shrimp and on a 1yr account.
  8. Yesterday, I've ran the bot for around 6+hours alone @ Removed for safety reasons. He must've done something or just has bad luck.
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  9. Bot does fine. Left on for 8 hours at willows no ban.
  10. Botted on OSRS willows for about 6 hours logged off for the day and the next day i got a message saying I was banned.
  11. Botted 60+ hours fletching 20+ hours WC and 12+ hours fletching, No ban. Must be doing something right then :p
  12. Make sure you're taking plenty of breaks, bro. :p
  13. I do
    I stream me doing random things like question and what not and then i bot for 6 hours then repeat. Mon - thursday, Dont play rs on friday and bot 10 hours on saturday and sunday,
  14. i bot 24/7 because fuck it, it's a game
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