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  1. Hi,
    So I've been botting quite a lot on my main recently and I just got a 2 day ban. Should I expect a rollback or anything to accompany the ban or will it just be lifted and my account will be as normal or what?
    My account is total level 2200+ on RS3, thats where I have been botting.
  2. The skills you botted will be rolled back.

    Please answer the following questions:
    Did you purely bot, or also did quests and other stuff yourself on a daily basis?
    Did you use one specific script bot or multiple ones ?
    How many hours/day did you bot ?
  3. Did you purely bot, or also did quests and other stuff yourself on a daily basis? Mostly botted but did some stuff myself at least every couple days, no questing but I don't quest much myself anyway, this is a pretty old account so I had 182 quest points from years ago anyway.
    Did you use one specific script bot or multiple ones ? For the most part just one bot, alpha ascensions but I ran alpha fighter and a couple of other scripts bots like Maxi Herblore once or twice for certain other skills.
    How many hours/day did you bot ? About 10-12 hours a day on average, for the last 3-4 weeks.
  4. I always do something myself every day, to keep it under the radar [incl Questing]
    From what I've read, it might be a script bot related issue: "I'm now getting 85 kills/hour where I was getting 140+ per hour."
  5. Yeah, I did notice that the bot seemed to be behaving differently. Perhaps I should have just stopped as soon as I noticed that as it may have been what got me caught since it was a bot busting ban (moderate).
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty happy tbh lol, I didn't expect botting 10 hours a day to last forever anyway, thought I'd get a perm ban since I was temp banned before back in 2011, at that time all of my skills were rolled back to half xp.
  7. They usually hand out perm bans, so it looks like they weren't entirely sure you were botting.
    Hence the 2 days.
  8. Okay cool, in that case I hopefully won't get rolled back too much since they mightn't be aware that I've been botting for nearly a month lol.
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  9. Good luck bro ;)
    Also, did you play RuneScape yourself by using the RuneMate client ?
  10. Nah I used the RS client when playing myself.
  11. You never used RuneMate to play legit ?
    It will help with the antiban as it learns from your gameplay ;)
  12. Oh really? Didn't know that :p I just never used it to play legit because it's a little bulky for my liking, well compared to the RS client I mean, compared to other botting clients its pretty nice.
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    So just as an update, this is what I was greeted with when I logged in after my 2 day ban:

    Can't used G.E. or treasure hunter, which sucks since it's gonna be double xp but thankfully I already had all of my dxp supplies bought.
  13. Usually a 2 day ban is from the client. Anything bot related is usually a perm ban.
  14. bot#ban#rinse#repat

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