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  1. Hey this is a thread because @CheapDsGold has been banned because he was banned from Sythe for account interaction?
    Proof : Screenshot
  2. yeah, that's actually not proof. Would be nice if you posted more. The issue here is that anyone can have a name along the lines of cheapdsgold, cheaposgold etc. I see he's banned anyways, so it's a moot point. For the future you should post actual proof.
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  3. We do not ban people if they are banned on other sites.
    It however gives us some background info about them, and will monitor them accordingly.
    We've detected that he was attempting to scam, and was posting vouches on his sales thread using fake secondary RuneMate accounts.
    Based upon this we've banned him permanently as all of these are against our rules.
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  4. See that's totally different than the OP. Thanks for the heads up ^^
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  5. Lol "posting vouches on his fake runemate account"? @Microsoft hey retarded fk do you even know vouches are? Please link the "fake vouches" that I posted. I only had two accounts legendks and cheapdsgold on forums. Powerbot, here, and Sythe. Consistently you can see that legendks account was used to be able to "bump" the posting as some forum only bumped when others replied to it. I logged into legendks once to post a random shet(and some I mightve pretended I was interested in my old gold I don't remember and idgaf) and updated consistently only on cheapdsgold and you can see this on multiple forums consistently. "monitor them" my ass like you did any monitoring at all, someone posted that I was a scammer without knowing the whole story and you just tossed out the ban without a glance please don't make up bs about me "attempting to set up a scam". If self interaction is against your rules cool my bad I'll take the ban but accusing a person as a scammer with literally 0 fkin evidence shows lack of proper staff training. Look at Sythe for example, they know their shit and their ban reason and their period of ban is just.

    Why would I risk my rep when I make 10-20mil a day and have been easily selling the gold every day thanks to my clean rep?

    Ps as of this moment your client and or scripts bots sucks as with the ban rate I myself along with couple friends have tested them. I botted 24/7 a month straight and no ban and with runemate ban infraction within one time usage. Shitty client, Shitty scripts bots, Shitty staff.

    Now how do you like me being narrow-minded like yourself @Microsoft? Oooo instaban from one time usage, runemate sucks. Better make runemate look bad and post this shet everywhere. Did I do that? Nope, cuz I'm not you fktard. Now I did cuz you pissed me off cuz you delayed my 100 mil transaction, fk you.
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  6. TL;DR
  7. I'm the one who banned you, not Microsoft
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  8. "lolsuchbullshit" This name and post shows how immature you are. You clearly don't belong in this community. FYI, I've botted thousands of hours on multiple accounts and Didnt receive any bans except for one after running a hunting bot at red chins for over 100 hours straight, and even then it was a temp ban. So after all this I must kindly ask you to leave this community, People with attitudes like yours are AIDS.
  9. If you honestly don't care, just leave already please.
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  10. One question regarding the self-interaction: why the fuck would you do that if you care so much about your rep as a gold seller? The only logical conclusions would be that you were either setting up a scam, or that you're just really retarded.
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