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  1. My 7 year old account that i ran on runemate got banned within few hours without even running a script bot?
  2. Pretty sure the client is detected for rs3. Wait on spectre and try again.
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  3. Why would you play on the client lol?
  4. Delayed bans are also a thing. You could get banned on any client, even the legit client, if it's a delayed ban.
  6. i logged in for first time in a while lol
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    wanted to bot ofc
  7. Then the ban could have been issued ages ago lmao
  8. What?! i logged in on it after few years of not using it then when i logged in the next day it got a ban
  9. delayed bans would have been as soon as he logged into the game, not after he was logged in for a few hours :p
  10. He said he logged into it for the first time in a while xD

  11. yes, and he then said he played for a few hours. If it was a delayed ban from the last time he botted, his account wouldnt have lasted 3 hours.
  12. Yeah I know, I was just saying that my assumption was based on the information I had at the time?

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