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Discussion in 'RS3' started by killerfrognz1, Apr 6, 2016.

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  1. So i was creating 2 new accounts last new to bot on and i signed up then went to use them on runemate client
    instantly banned without even creating my char
  2. without running a script bot ? or previously botted mining ? or something similar . couild be a ip ban
  3. Didn't even run a script bot its like they new i was on runemate client.
  4. very sketchy but thanks for the warning ,
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    do you have a main account ? and have you tried accessing this account since the ban/s ?
  5. yes my main account is safe only use runescape client for that account and have never botted on it.
  6. Your IP may be flagged
  7. Train some skills, do some quests etc. before you start using a bot client.
  8. I got banned today July 19, 2016. I had 3 accounts on doing alpha divination bot and my main got a 48 hour ban, but the other 2 account's didn't get banned or logged off at all. I think I was just unlucky and got caught by a jmod botting. The alpha divination bot kind of sucks because you miss click sometimes and enter the guthix cache and your guy will just stand there so everyone know's you a botter...
  9. did your bot stop after idling at guthix cache or did it continue to run?
  10. Can we please move this conversation to -> Banned? Read Me First!
    There is a nice thing going on there, and it seems to get better attention and professional answers?
  11. no when the cache was done he returned to training divination but its bad because you will enter the cache and be there idk what he does i just know he enters cuz i caught him once just standing like any regularly player entering the cache but he wont move to go play the mini game thing.
  12. You should bost this to the bot thread that this bug happens :D
  13. yeah im going to do that now
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    where would i post that if you can tell me please? Im still new to this runemate thing sorry lol
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