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  1. just been banned using defdivination, I'm not mad at the bot, I'm just posting to warn you guys in case anyone else is botting divination atm, only was botting 3 hours max
  2. Bans are almost never immediate, unless you were busted by a Jmod. They delay them so it's harder for us to figure out which bot/client caused the ban. It would be more helpful if you listed all the bots/clients you used in the last month.
  3. And also what type of ban, permanent or not, any proof given,...
  4. Only used runemate, I can post proof if you really need it? But I wouldn't lie about being banned..
  5. Proof of ban

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  6. Is it likely that you were reported? Did you leave a script bot running unattended?
  7. What other RuneMate bots did you use (besides divination)?
  8. F2P or P2P?
  9. I completely doubt that it was due to defdivination, I've been using the script bot for a solid 3 weeks for many hours a day on multiple accounts and none of them have been banned.
  10. Divination is a members only skill.
  11. I've only used DefDivination, that is all.
  12. So, you've never botted before and botted divination for three hours and got banned?
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  13. Or it can be a J-mod who Ban you too.
  14. omfg u got banned holy shit man that never happens
  15. And the sky is blue.
  16. Botting causes bans regardless of the script bot used or the client. Though ban rates using this client seem to be low, anyone doubting this ban and its causes needs to be a little bit less defensive I think. It can happen to anyone. Bad luck man.
  17. Wai to dig up an old thread.

    I think it's bullshit, trying to give RM a bad rep. No point in lying about not using another bot unless trying to do so.
    I got 99 divination through that script bot going hard 12+ hours a day for more than a month, and 78 divination on a few other accounts no ban.

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