RS3 Banning system: How it works?

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  1. So lately I have been trying to find the best way to bot without getting banned, I've tried almost no botting, botting 24/7, botting around people, botting in solitude, etc. Anyway. I've been doing this experiment the past week. I've looked up how the banning system works and gotten no answers since Jagex refuses to say how it works. I have come to the idea that the banning system is completely reliant on other player reports. I botted for hours on one account mining ore in a popular area and was banned almost immediately. I tried botting in areas nobody thinks about or where nobody can see me, and I haven't been banned yet despite the huge leaps in experience over the account that had been banned and the obvious botting too when nobody is nearby. If I see someone approaching, I say something to them so they don't think I am a bot. If I think they reported me, I immediately turn off the bot (don't want to look suspicious by logging out right away) and keep doing what the bot was doing for like 10 minutes and then go do something else for an hour-ish. I try to not bot more than six hours at a time without restarting the launcher since the automatic logout might locate bots by doing so. (I'm still new to botting, so what do I know) My question is, what is your opinions on this? How would you say the banning system works?
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  2. It has very little to do with player reports (they only give temps). It mostly has to do with unnatural behavior (i.e. A brand new account doing common gold farm methods, training the same skill for ages). One thing I find is getting a bond and training with uncommon methods never gets any of my accounts banned.
  3. The account that has the massive amount more of xp trains the same skill for hours at a time and he was made this week. that's what lead me to the conclusion that its the player reports. I found one statement online about how when someone is reported, the banning system then monitors that person. I guessed it was only for an hour and so far it has worked for me with no bans. Do you think it doesn't detect me botting because I'm switching it up for an hour when I think someone has reported me?
  4. Jagex would not design BotWatch off of player reports, because accounts rarely report others. You can't conclude off of one little test. Or even a few. It's quite simple, no one except Jagex know how BotWatch works, we can all make up our own little theories, but in the end it doesn't matter, because they will just adapt BotWatch to continue it's effectiveness.
  5. You guys must know jagex reads all of this and implements more bot busting force
  6. They do that anyways, but since we never will know for sure there's no way to tell how they detect us.

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