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  1. I realize a lot of people are going to laugh at this but that is not what I am concerned about...

    I am fairly certain that Jagex, cannot detect anything. The amount of data storage they would require to store behaviourly statistics of each account when there are currently 245,259,358 is astronomical and the speed at which they ban specific skills, i know based on my career that the volume of data cannot be analysed that fast...

    I believe that Jagex ban 100% based on you as a player being reported by another... When a report is sent, it gives Jagex information as to where you character was when you got reported (i.e Co-Ords)... If your co-ords link with a skill like Thieving, lets say Pyramid Plunder... then say goodbye to your account, because this is a location they deem "hot". Do not pass go and do not collect $200.

    Over the last 6 days, I have spent 4 of them running a very basic mouse micro that clicks in EXACTLY the same spot everytime and repeats itself once every 75 seconds... I have broken down 500,000 wishing well seeds for the purpose of invention... then the following 2 days I have spent botting Pest Control and I have received no ban.

    My mains account total is 2574 and has NEVER been banned.

    So I have setup a divination bot and I will leave it running for the next 3 or 4 days and will post updates as and when I attend my computer (even if I am incorrect and the update is that I have been banned).

    So here is the first screenshot just to show that I have actually set it running

    Screenshot (23:18 GMT)

    I have NO anti ban settings active and I have set the divination bot to convert all my wisps into energy

    ** I forgot to mention that I have my chat settings active as well... Global, Friends and Clan **
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  2. Cool, what about players that report you for botting even if you simply afk and play legit? You won't get banned for that, never. So how do you think Jagex confirms a report? By not collecting information of you?
  3. Personally, and take what I have to say with a grain of salt since I am not very experienced with writing bots or the like (I stick with robotics). If I were to want to watch for bots I would have a system in place in the most popular spots that would flag the player on suspicious activity. For example killing hill giants if your character does not leave the area for x amount of time and kills y amount of entities flag the player. Doing so would only take a few bits of data the flag could expire after a set period of time to make sure legit players did not get attention brought to them. Then if you get reported get another flag. once you have so many flag ban or evaluate more closely and then you could dedicate more resources to one character without stressing your system by evaluating everyone. Granted I could be completely of course but if I were to set about to design a similar system that is how I would at least start.
  4. I do not believe Jagex care if you are a legit player or not, plenty of legit players have been banned over the years... its purely based on Location... with 200million accounts what does it matter if they lose 10,000 of them... new players will join also.

    Yes its a disgusting ethos for a company to have but they show time and time again that they are not concerned about their player base by how bad their customer service is

    This is a completely legitamate theory, but to do this for 200million accounts, is just not feasable. They dont not own the capacity to store such volumes of data and at a best case scenario, even IF they only do it for active accounts. Right now its midnight in the UK and there are still 80,000 active accounts. Its still a substantial amount of data that would take months to sift through to find any form of actual "proof"

    I am certain this will end up as an endless debate as to who is correct and who is incorrect. I guess we will find out in a couple of days
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  5. No.
    Just. No.
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  6. Like I said, I am sure players will disagree or think I am stupid but that does not concern me. I am just simply running a test and I am 80% certain that I will receive no ban.

    After this test is finished, if i survive, I will of successfully botted for 10 days straight without a break
  7. What I could believe is people getting reported making it to a shortlist. I wouldn't be surprised if they just constantly cycle through all the accounts and see if they have recently misbehaved.
  8. Fine. Now for another test, pretend you are botting, but play legit, do everything that people will report you for botting, do it at the most bot-like location you can find, and lets see if you get banned.
  9. Lets finish this test first and if i survive I will also execute your test
  10. Thats not my point, obviously the players who get reported are going under further inspectation, but he said that Jagex would ban even legit players if they get reported at a common botting location.
  11. That is indeed moronic. If it worked like that, clans would mass report each other permanently.
  12. Plus he states that Jagex would not care about 10000 legit players banned, because they would get new players anyway.
    This just tells me that this guy is a very silly kid who has absolutely no clue about business.
  13. Just as a way to "pass the time" while this bot does its thing...

    Lets go ahead and theorize as to why, a friend of mine who has played as a legit player since RS Classic decided to bot for the first time ever yesterday... Went ahead and botted Pyramid Plunder for 6 hours and is now banned.

    Your theory that legit players dont get watched/banned is bullshit
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    Because you disagree with my theory it makes me a kid? Why is that always the case on the internet.

    I am aware, as I stated in the previous post, that its a terrible ethos and a business shouldnt do it, but when you are as successful as Jagex... 10,000 out of 200,000,000 simply do not matter.

    Majority vote... Basic maths tells you that

    This may come as a shock to you, but simply using Windows as an operating system doesnt make you Bill Gates best buddy because its a nice thing for him to do... He actually doesnt care about you in the slightest... Just the same way that Jagex do not care about you
  14. 10,000 out of 200,000,000 is an interesting number.
    As for theorizing about your friend. Even though he was a legit player, he botted and got banned for botting. The client he used may have been at fault, or maybe the bot itself had a known pattern that was picked up by the system. He wasn't a legit player who got banned. He was a botter who got banned. There's a big difference there.

    The whole "you only get banned if you're reported" debate has been ongoing for a while. The main issue is people get confused thinking that there's only 2 outcomes, you get banned or you don't.
    The general result from tests is that reports get you banned quicker if you're botting, but if you're playing legit you won't get banned. This is easily tested by playing legit and running a bot in the same area, and having people report both of you, whether it's a group of friends you get to report you or if you just act like a bot in order to get reported.

    The whole idea of Report + Hot Spot = Ban is an oversimplification, and it's easily disproved with proper testing.
    I find it funny how so many "tests" don't even bother to set up a control...
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    Also, you say that based on your career, so much data cannot be analyzed that fast. They're not analyzing all of the data to ever be stored. IF anything they'd be analyzing specific meta-data from your account and running that against a set of heuristics... What's your career if you don't mind me asking.
  15. You don't seem to understand that Jagex, as a business like every other one, has a reputation to lose. Do you think 10000 players falsely banned for botting would not be drawing attention to themselves?

    If a botter gets banned for botting, he may try to convince Jagex that he didn't bot for as long as about 1 week, for the sake of their account. However, under 10000 falsely banned players, would have been at least a few who would not stand for that and would have sued Jagex for that, because Jagex needs a reason to lock an account. And Jagex has a reason if the account botted, and Jagex has no reason if the account never botted. This is simply too risky for them.

    Because of the fact that you obviously didn't take this into consideration, I rightfully questioned your mental maturity, and not because it's just an internet thing to claim that an idiot is a kid.

    Also, I have never said that legit players would not get watched. Remember the OSRS bot worlds, where suspicious players would get after they grinded one thing for too long? Yeah that happened to a ton of legit players aswell, but none of them got banned.
    Jagex is a company which relies on software, don't assume their detection pattern would be as easy as watching/banning only players who get reported at a hotspot.
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  16. Botting Update:
    Screenshot 2... Just shy of 11 hours of solid botting divination without a break.. on consecutive day 7 of botting and still going

    Currently at 58k energy

  17. I can 100% say it's not only player reports. I've had accounts banned that were camping the GE, fully babysitted in case of people talking to me.
  18. Ban reports are not necessary for bans. I almost always bot in worlds without any people around, and I have been banned several times.

    As for bans for playing legit... A couple of legit players got banned, but they ended up getting unbanned... turned out they were so efficient that the system thought they were botting. There have been incidents where legit players got banned, but Jagex always came clean about it.
  19. In the cases of legit players getting banned that I know personally, it's usually when they're being super efficient and using mousekeys etc.
  20. There's something to learn there. I haven't heard of these bans before.

    Legit players getting banned for super efficiency and/or mousekeys. It's either the keys that flag them (one might argue about if they are considered macroing tools), or that efficiency plays a vital part in determining whether a player bots or not. I find it hard to believe that they do the latter because it simply isn't fool-proof enough. People can be efficient, to an extend, so I doubt they will target that heuristic.

    Still, doubtful case. Was it really the mousekeys, or is there more to learn from the story?

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