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  1. I've been banned on 5 accounts in the past week and a half using runemate.. anyone know whats going on? 2 of the accounts were banned after ive botted on them for 2 months of like 6-7 hours max a day, not everyday. the other 3 were newers accounts banned within first 2 days of making them. any suggestions or comments??
  2. That's just bad luck I guess, I'd say people reported you or they just detected you anyway. Both game versions are risky but if you were botting on OSRS the chances were even higher.
  3. its all about which bot your using, location your botting, how many hours you bot a day.
  4. Lay Low with the botting, dont bot same skill or bot at a crowded place :)
  5. Stop botting for 2 weeks :) and restart your modem for a few times.
  6. What were you botting?
  7. I can't believe this can you upload screenshots of all 5 accounts banned.

    I never heard this in the RM community before all I had is two bots banned in one day but that's because they were both tanning dhides for more then 10+ hours
  8. Depends, how long have you been botting? And which script bot. I guess they just saw your ip addres and banned all other accounts of you.
  9. happens to all of us I used to get banned all the time now i rarely get banned and I bot almost all day on one account or another

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