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  1. So I am very new... but looking into the bans (this is only referring to RS3), it seems very confusing. There are some users who bot 20 hours a day and go hardcore, with months of no bans, while others only go a week or two max. Do you guys think this is due to scripts bots, or what do you think?
  2. im a gold farmer 4 rs3 so i found ways to not get banned at all
    i normally bot 16-22 hours a day and i have gotten not even one ban
    Ive also used accounts that had moderate bans and i never got banned at all

    heres the progress ive made on this account since 7am pacific time today

  3. [​IMG]
  4. Lol do osrs if u wanna bot 24hrs... Trust.
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    Lol I think I know what u mean. I bot 18 to 20 hrs on 6 accounts and I haven't gotten banned yet. All div. It's hard to explain it but yeah not getting banned. But osrs is not anything special, u do whatever and won't get banned.
  5. I have botted like five skills 90+ and 99 wc. I got a two day ban today. Runemate has a really low banrate!
  6. OSRS banrate is low, achieved 99 str recently by botting 10+ hours a day


  7. @Party banned me on RuneMate once. Dipshit
  8. Totally deserved.
  9. Party for 2016
  10. Nahhh
  11. sometimes you cross people in life and you don't know how they will take things.
  12. You wont do it again :p
  13. Please stay on topic guys.
  14. I use open fighter, any other suggestions for botting combat?
    Would be helpful thanks :)
  15. Yes of course! I used AutoFighter (Beta) because you can choose combat lvl's of the NPC's. I trained at experiments because they can only hit 1. I will turn my pure into a zerker/rune pure in the next few weeks
  16. May I ask how you made enough for a bond?
  17. Yes of course, i don't make money to buy a bond. I bought my bonds with real life money
  18. damn guys i got a 48 hour ban. after so much betting, i think the hunter skill was the one that did it. thats the last one i use celestial hunter.
    your opinion you think my i.p is flagged.
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    i also used hunter beta
  19. yea hunter is another skill that is bot watched
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    how many hours did u bot on a daily basis
  20. Won't get flagged so fast....

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