RS3 Barbarian Village powerfisher

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  1. Looking to buy a private script bot.

    , wanting a flawless script bot basic, but it will have to have good anti ban features and the mouse movements need to be less computerized as possible please. I will be using it on one of my main accounts.

    So it needs to fish trout/salmon only no banking. it has to use the action bar one and two too drop the fish fast.

    it will need to support barbarian village. not barbarian outpost.

    I know their are scripts bots that support what I am asking but I need it to be very good, with anti ban and mouse movements, skill checking,and mouse to go off screen so it will be like what i do legitly when I browse youtube.
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  2. When posting a Bot Request you should include a summary of what you want in the title. I've fixed that for you.
  3. Ok thanks. I am looking for a scripter too make me a private one.

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