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  1. For anyone who doesn't know which is pitch and yaw. Here you go.


    306 is yaw and 1 is pitch.

    yaw = left to right, Ranges from 0-359 (int values).
    pitch = up and down, Ranges from 0 to 1 in OSRS & 0 to 0.666 in RS3 (double values).

    This would turn the cameras (yaw) 306 degrees and its (pitch) all the way up.

    To see the current pitch and yaw, go into the Development Toolkit and go to Miscellaneous.
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  2. It would be good to mention that yaw ranges from 0-359 (int values), and the pitch ranges from 0 (0 might be incorrect, correct me here) to 1.0 in OSRS and 0.666 in RS3 (double values).
    Going out of these ranges will result in an exception.

    1 would turn the pitch all the way up.
  3. Added these points to the post.

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