basically dutch people talking dutch, dont go - its scary here

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Dryrr, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hey guys :)

    Its me Dryrr,
    I'm currently 18 y'old and i've been botting for like 5 years overall?
    Stopped botting since bot buster, mainly because i lost 500m bank to it.
    Since i've seen this site and i know Arbiter from PB, and i know hes a BEAST (now gimme money plx ive been nice to u, Kappa)
    Playing League of Legends too (currently platinum 5 and toxic as fck :$)

    Always been interested in Java and such but never had the balls to actually start learning to make bots.
    Studying Business Economics, however the study isnt going so well -.-' (thanks to runescape and league)

    So yea..
    this is me sort of..

  2. Why hello there. Hope you find this a nice community and great bot. I certainly did. :)
  3. currently suicide botting a f2p account on combat ( been like botting 48 hrs str8 ) and still not banned.. so.. yea... how can i not like this program? XD

    so far also a gr8 community, i like small and cosy communities. More personal :p
  4. Welcome! I play league too, currently Diamond 5, dropped from Diamond 3 a few days ago (tilt ftw). I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here.

    yeah, i think ill enjoy my stay here too m8 :p
    Keep up the gr8 scripts bots btw, already a fan of ur divination script bot :$
  6. Yeah I've been away from bot writing for a few months, looking to get back into it. :d
  7. CP Butterflies?
  8. Maybe.. Not sure what it is. :p
  9. u really like butterflies don't u? XD
    spamming this man untill he gets an headache from it ;)
  10. Welcome. I have 1 question: Why do you play the abomination we call League of Legends?
  11. Hue hue, i dont even know my man.. I just like the game, Muting other peeps and its an all right game :p, but i am mostly playing with 4 friends in normals, way more fun than the horror "we" call ranked.
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  12. isnt it wonderful? how we make bot suggestions? i think this thread should be moved to bot suggestion section of the forum Kappa
  13. FrankerZ
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  15. If people start using the word Kappa here then I guess I'm going to have to start banning people..
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    Please, soon! I get your script bot for free nigga
  16. I'm working on dem birds atm.
  17. Sweet. I'm still working on 99 Divination anyways. Can't wait till I get past that godforsaken desert.
  18. what about FrankerZ and GreyFace? ;)

    started today with the desert.. i feel ur pain.. i thought hmm must be better than canifis.. but nah.. only 5-10k exp more an hr

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