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  1. Since I'm not going to be making the remote client anymore. I thought that I might take a crack at a script bot for ports again. I've some cool things planned for this, and after experimenting a but more I'll post back if what I want to do is possible. This script bot probably won't be valid for the store due to the long running nature of ports and the need to restart the client. Once a 6 hour reset has officially been implemented I'll change it to that method and get it on the store (though another non store feature may not be available for that version if I end up getting it worked out).

    Look back for an update.
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  2. Oh this looks awesome, I'm a programmer myself too and thus very interested :)
    I'll be following this closely ;) you could also make it in bash(linux shellcode) instead of in C, (--> command based), this would make it even more under-the-hood
  3. Actually Bash is a better idea! I can actually just do it with cURL calls. I'll have to look into that. I want to have it so that it continuously updates the same line in the terminal with the current amount of time to return for a ship, and I have no idea how to do that in shell but again I'll have to take a look. Thanks for the input.
  4. So I made some good progress tonight on getting the p2p connection setup, but it seems like I'm going to have to do a bit more work to get it running on a non localhost environment. All sorts of fun things in Java haha, also, I'm thinking that since I already have half of this implemented in java for the connections, I might as well write the client in java as well. Anyway, we'll see how it works out tomorrow.
  5. No luck so far implementing my udp hole punch on a free web server. I've found a VPS for 1.99/month on, so I'm gonna actually write it in C on a box where I have access to all of my ports.
  6. It's a little more pricey, but I have had a good experience on recently.
  7. Na mate, all the way.
  8. I only need like 64mb or ram and .25 cores lol so run what I want to, so I'd rather do the 1.99/month.

    I might look at their hourly rates, since I just want to get it up and running before investing in a larger server for a whole month.

    Thanks for the links guys. I probably won't get to work on this until this tomorrow, I've had a hectic week at work with a large project just finishing, but I think thursday should be a relaxing evening that I can actually get some shit done.
  9. In that case you could go with an AWS micro instance with 512mb of RAM for free for a year. :p
  10. Oh, that's nice, I didn't know they had a free trial! Thanks!
  11. Yeah if you play it smart you can get it entirely for free. Gotta be careful with hidden charges for things like cross-region (internal) transfers and such, but even then it's literally pennies lol.
  12. Sadly no progress lately. Picked up some extra work this weekend and didn't have time for much else.
  13. So, I've gotten lazy and just setup port forwarding from my home computer instead buying a host and all that. I thought it was gonna be more work than it was. That being said, I've now got communications set up between runemate (my script bot is acting as a server) and a client. I'll update my main post.
  14. Damn, my scripts bots folder for RM was on my C drive which now lost to the eternal bit hell from when I installed win 10. I'm actually leaving my job at the end of this week, so I'm probably never going to finish this since I no longer will need it.
  15. welcome to the club
  16. I'm restarting this thread for a different project.

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