Resolved .bat wont launch runemate, any help is much appreciated.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by zangetsu314, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. So, I tried looking through the forums, the F.a.q. my first issue was winrar so i uninstalled it so the file would actually be a .jar, and not a folder. I had issues making the .txt a .bat file at first, but fixed that too. inputted the script bot to launch runemate .jar, brings up the cmd, but for a split second and then disappears. and nothing happens, any ideas? I tried searching for a related thread but found nothing.
  2. Just used it, tried the options that could be reasonably related, but to no success.
  3. Can you not just open the .jar normally? Any specific reason you're trying to open with a .bat? I know of the reasons why. I'm just wondering if you can open the jar normally :p
    And yeah, having the latest 64-bit java is needed also :p
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  4. Downloading as we speak, really appreciate the quick response time.
  5. Also, make sure it is saved as RuneMate.jar on your desktop.
  6. We're fully operational, thankyou for your guy's time. ^^~
  7. No problem and glad it's working. :D

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