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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Batmans Beard, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Hi guy and girls. I'm not going to bother with a fancy thread layout because it's not necessary and my services are fairly straightforward.

    On the off chance that you'd actually like some skills trained without botting and can't be bothered doing it yourself, I can do it for a price. That price will be set by you and if I feel the need I'll negotiate it.

    I can do all skills on both RS3 and OSRS, all reasonable offers will be accepted. With that said if you'd like Dungeoneering done, I will bot it. Any other skill will be done legitimately by me.

    I'll go first to people I deem very trustworthy, otherwise you'll go first or we'll use a trusted MM.

    Just leave a post here or PM me. I'll hit you up on Skype. Cheers.
  2. 1-80 range/defence? quote me on it plz
  3. Not sure on prices in the current market which is why I'd like people to offer me prices. Think of a price you think is reasonable, then reduce it and ask me :p

    RS3 account? Also, can you provide the gear needed for efficient levelling? If so, then think of a reasonable price, reduce it, and ask me :)

    I can assure you both that I'm quite an efficient skiller.
  4. Which bot do you use for dungeoneering?
  5. Which bot do you use for dungeoneering?
  6. Not sure RuneMate people would like me promoting another client :p
  7. yes i can provide that stuff for you, it has 10 hp to. turning it into range/defence pking skiller. wrecks. also batman, do you uh, by any chance do dungeoneering?
  8. you can pm me ;)
  9. I can do 1-80 ranged and defence for you, make me an offer and I'll likely take it :) I can do dungeoneering, but it's the one skill I'll bot as it's the only skill I don't have much experience with.
  10. ah okay, I have a dung service cause that's the one skill im excellent at so I was jw :p. but uhm, I honestly don't know how much as its only around 2m xp together. id rather u make a price and if I don't like it we can negotiate it unless we are to far apart, but I don't see that being an issue
  11. It's about 4mil exp total :p I'll offer to do it for 30mil.
  12. Still ready to take some orders :)

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