Been here a week am Speechless :)

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  1. So when i came across this client i was in complete disbelief that i had never found this before. i even thought if its to good to be true it probably is and started looking into if runemate was legit. Just the clean GUI, easy to use Bot Store and constant updates from all the major script bot writers is insane. I couldnt believe i had never heard of this before. for my knowldge i thought Runescape 3 was completely unbottable (fairly safely) for the last few years and had given up completely. I have been playing my ironman account and had around 12 days wasted of my life playing legit on it.... until i discovered i didnt have to with runemate. Here are some screenshots of my before and after finding rune mate. I also have another noobie account i made which achieved 99 firemaking and 70 hunter but i cannot get a screenshot as it got a bot busting ban (1 day left) as i botted it in oldschool spinning flax lol will show my screenshot when i get the account back.

    This is less then a weeks progress (this is an Ironman Account btw)

    But here are my stats before finding out about runemate:

    Here are them now 99.9% botted:
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  2. Welcome sir, it's nice to hear about a satisfied user. :)
  3. Nice to hear you like this client!
    But remember, not even RuneMate can protect your account if you get to greedy and bot for too long ;)
  4. Need to bot my hunter and thieving up for deadliest catch and will start using your teak banking on ape atoll script bot will post proggies on your thread, You dont understand how good you bot devs on runemate are compared to these other sites. so interactive, and fast. Thanks
  5. I am not sure whether it works for DS or not, I do not have the account to test it unfortunately. I will need to have to lend an account for it I'm afraid.
  6. I dont play darkscape i play rs3 but i just posted on the darkscape thread because i wanted it for rs3 aswell :)
  7. Just as I was raging against leeches.

    It is good day.
  8. Great to hear you enjoy the community and bot so much!
  9. Welcome :) and yeh its prettty gewd :D
  10. Ah alright, it's fully functional for RS3. ;)
  11. Welcome to the BEST runescape bot and to a great community, hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. This reminds me so much of my story lol. However, I knew that RM was good due to Arbiter being an admin here;)
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