[Beginners Guide] - How to get started with RuneMate

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  2. Pretty basic, But should bring knowledge to who dont know what to do.
  3. Beginners only need to know the basics ;)
  4. Very true haha
  5. sooooo you cant use it with 32-bit java?

    my laptop does not support 64
  6. You can use it with 32 bit if your Windows installation is 32 bit.
    If you Windows installation is 64 bit, you'll need 64 bit.
  7. I have downloaded the 64 bit system but it still said,"We have detected that you have a 64-bit operating system but you are using a 32-bit system,"
  8. Make sure you close RuneMate after you installed the 64bit Java.
    Then reopen it, or reboot if necessary.
  9. Did exactly what you showed in video and my java wont open runemate. Have windows 64 and all.
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    Got the client open and now none of the bots I added show up on the bot directory.
  10. Hi Nicholas,

    Make sure the bot you've added is compatible with the version of RS your using.
    To see if the bot you want to add is compatible with your version of RS, check the bot info or use the filter to find bots compatible with your version of RS.
    Also, when your IP changes [ie. when using VPN] it will lose connection and you wont be able to see any bots or accounts.
    Then simply restart RuneMate to fix it.

    Best Regards,
  11. Hey Microsoft,

    I uninstalled the java program and downloaded the latest java and when I download the RuneMate program, it tells me that I need to get a program that will open up jar files, but I download bitzipper and I still can't seem to get it to work. I'm running win7 home premium and last night I recently did a complete factory restore.
  12. Should I go ahead and delete the bitzipper program that I have already downloaded?

    Alright and how would I be able to run it with admin rights?

    Also would I need to download this new program before I re download runemate?
  13. You dont need to redownload RuneMate, as its not an issue with the file.
    Simply right-click on the JarFix program, and run as admin.
    This will solve your issue ;)

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