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Discussion in 'General' started by clampoi, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. What are the best bot for gold in a new account, level 0

    And pass it on to my main account? I'm new to this and I'd rather not risk another imporant Account
    : P
  2. None...... because there are no level 0 Accounts.
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  3. 0 no, basic... new
  4. Tbh, I've never botted gold, but if I were to.... it'd be wood cutting for sure.
  5. Wrong bot fishing
  6. Level 0? What world are you in lmao.

    Let's just say goldfarming on a level 3 isn't the smartest approach.
  7. What I would recommend is leveling up a bunch of different skills first, to sort of make yourself look like a real character.
    Maybe run a combat bot for a bit, get to like 20cb, then go do some fishing mining cooking fm whatever.

    Then what I'd recommend is either Fishing or Woodcutting for nonmem, wait till you make 10m (which may take a bit, you'll probably get 85+ WC doing yews before you have that much) or high fishing from lobbys.

    Then get yourself a bond and do hunter or div. Div is great profit but not untill around 85, and hunter is great around 300k p/hr at 70, and it stays steady. Once you get to 80~+ it's 500k p/hr.
  8. Ive been doing it? No bans
  9. Bans are not always instant ;)
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