Best Bots?

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  1. What are the best bots on Runemate? I have been a little inactive for a while and was wondering if anything new might of came out?
  2. Your post is extremely vague.
    • What classifies something as a best bot?
    • What skills are you wanting to train?
    • What game are you wanting to play (RS3, OSRS)
    Save yourself some time and read the reviews in the bot store to find out which bots are functional and can do what you want.

    Bot Store | RuneMate
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  3. @kazemanie thanks, my thoughts exactly. @Party just got home drunk, these are the posts I can't wrap my mind about and should be punished. The level of vagueness is higher than my BAC.

    &ontopic; try the bots in the following order @SlashnHax, @Savior, @Aidden, @Party, @Bertrand
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  4. I see my name in small print in that list... or is that just me?
  5. That's just you :(
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  6. Rip
  7. Was a bit tired man, sorry...

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