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  1. I will make build for you if you tell me what want.

    I am better than this Yubibotter you have been worshiping , he seems like some kid that likes to pretend he knows what he is on about, I have been building computers for two weeks and am very good at it.
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  2. Yes he does, I am doing this for 2 weeks and have learnt many thing in my time. I have build hundred of computer and help hundred of people
  3. This feels very much like a troll thread. 2 weeks and hundreds of computers? expert? right...
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  4. I have done from when I am just 16 I now am 19, I can help all and I will help all. It is time for Yubibotter to move aside, a new pro is in town
  5. 2 weeks = 3 years
  6. It is just longer than 2 not 3, I confused year for week my sorrys
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  7. Close enuff
  8. You seem like an illiterate dumbass.
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  9. xD As much as I'd like to consider him competition, I'm afraid I know him in real life and competition of his type doesn't concern me :p
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  10. Spastics, spastics everywhere
  11. Hahahaha. I feel like it will take a lot to compete for your place as our computer hero.
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  12. I could do it blindly if I wanted to, but y'kno... I'm busy lvling up:p
  13. Oh you
  14. I do not know this person, I am here to computer support for all these people. You bad so I take over now
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    You just wait, I am good at this and I support all of you now. I am ready to take over fully so no Yubibotter allowed anymore you see?
  15. I see
  16. Me too

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