RS3 Best P2P Combat Botting?

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    Best place to farm combat? Nearest to bank as well would be nice for food stock, unless you can take low dmg.

    Currently the hill giants are netting me around 33-35k exp/h. Going to the bank every 4 hrs or so in an automated process, wondering if there is a more efficient spot.

    The ghouls near Cenifis are good, but they aggro and can group up in 3-4, not to mention they're 20 combat levels higher so you're going to need to stock up on food far more frequently despite getting almost 55-60k exp/h.
  2. moss giants?
  3. They don't give much more than the hill giants for a significant increase in health? no? Or am I wrong...
  4. idk, i always botted combat @ the skeletons in the blood part dungeon, until i got 70/70/70 and then i bought guthans and went to hellhounds.
    which was even slower then hill giants xp rates but it did not require food. low banrate cuz barely anyone came across so idgaf xD. and guthans @ hellhounds was 100-150k exp an hr anyways
  5. Where abouts are these skeletons? And that sounds like a good plan man, thanks.
  6. Lumbridge Catacombs
  7. Whats your exp/h with skeletons?

    Do you have a specific script bot?
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