Best PC game?

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  1. I really want a GREAT pc game to play, what do you recommend? no mmorpgs :p
  2. Got a good PC? If so try ARK: Survival Evolved
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  3. I'm into Space Engineers at the moment. It's a bit like minecraft (block based) but in space and way more detail. Objectives are to build a base that is self sufficient, drill asteroids around you for resources. Also updates every week, workshop on steam for more amazing content.
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  5. any RPGs? (not mmorpgs)
  6. Dark Souls.
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  7. Skyrim legendary edition for £6.79 it's an absolute steal with all the mods and stuff too
  8. Shadow of mordor any good?
  9. I liked shadow of mordor, however it's extremely repetetive, i wouldn't pay full price for it or ya know just download it from various websites ;)
  10. I see.

    Anyone got any opinions on counter strike go or team fortress 2?
  11. If you enjoy first person shooters I suggest either csgo or if you enjoy the real deal, battlefield 4.
  12. i might try csgo, but i prefer cod over bf tbh
  13. Ew, you might like csgo then.
  14. I only play multiplayer games but Counter Strike Go, Leauge of Legends and Path of Exile just to name a few. The only single player games i play are Dirt 2, Dirt 3 and Need For Speed Shift 2.

    Call of duty and Battle Field etc they don't require any were near as much skill as csgo, its a very hard and competitive game.
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  15. Did you buy cs go or get the cracked one
  16. Bought it? The only reason you play csgo is for the multiplayer.
  17. Okay then. I guess I better buy this too then.
  18. Could play ranked together depending on how good you are, i would suggest watching professional gameplay.
  19. I might not be that good, since the last shooter game I've played properly was bo. But maybe I might be good.
  20. Smite is really fun Kind of like a mash up between a League and Halo.

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