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  1. I'm looking to revamp an old laptop into my main programming device; what would be the best decisions to make software wise? (Post what you think I should change)

    Java, python, and web development

    Current setup:
    • OS: Archlinux? (Unsure)
    • Gui: ?
    • Webserver: nginx + php-fpm
    • Database engine: RocksDB
    • Python IDE: PyCharm
    • Web IDE: WebStorm/PHPStorm
    • Java IDE: Eclipse
    • Other applications:
      • Git - for versioning web/python/java projects
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  2. @Arbiter would say JAVA IDE: intellij xd
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  3. Aptana... oh no, please just use WebStorm or PhpStorm.
  4. By Gui you mean DE and WM?
  5. Examples: KDE, Gnome, ...
  6. Well if u want simple "windows like" layout, you can use: xfce, mate, cinnamon or kde. (I recommend xfce). Furthermore, you can use Windows manager for very low resource and heavy customization. For windows managers i would recommend you to use: i3 or openbox. They are most popular WMs.

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