Best RS to bot and make real life money

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  1. OSRS or RS3? I thought osrs would be better but Runemate seems to favor rs3 in terms of bot variety. Any thoughts?
  2. You're forgetting the two new game versions, darkscape and deadman mode. The two new ones have a higher gold price but i'm not sure of the difficulty in getting decent amounts of gold for them.
  3. kinda feels like old school is limited in the money making methods currently, being an rs3 member seems to give a lot more possibilities than osrs member but osrs gold is like 5x more expensive, so if you make 100k/hr on os you need 500k/hr on rs3 to match that. all in all if you do something like blast furnace on old school you'll be better of than pretty much anything in rs3. Personaly i bot osrs.
  4. That's interesting I have never botted blast furnace but I will have to give that a shot.

    I never thought to bot deadman mode bc I figured it would be harder to do without babysitting. Also I don't really know anything about darkscape so I don't think I'll be botting that lol.
  5. I found that deadman mode is pretty imposible to do and darkscape requires a lot of maitenance because of the constant pking + if you die in deadman you lose 28 most valuable items from bank and when you are botting you dont usualy have a lot of items in your bank so you will just lose your whole bank
  6. straight up oldschool
  7. i like to bot osrs.
  8. I did nature runes for about 6+ months running only 2 accounts on RS3. Was only making about $15-$25 a week/ $75-$100 a month or so. Was just about to buy a new PC to run a bunch more but got banned few days ago :p And now I'm trying out OSRS to see if i can make any better cash.
  9. I bot OSRS for 2 reason:

    1) OSRS gold is much more expensive
    2) RS3 is way too alienating to me. I don't understand one bit of it. Never played, most likely never will play it.
  10. RS3
    + Easier to start up
    + Variety of bots
    + Lots of ways to make money
    - Gold worth very little
    - Confusing for most people
    - More RAM intense for bot farms

    + Gold worth more
    + Easier to use
    - Can take a while to set up
    - Less bots
    - Most money-making methods saturated
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