Best Screen Layout for Bots?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by opticness, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Whenever I bot, I typically leave the window in the "OldSchool" preset, as I've heard this is the best layout to run with bots. However, on my combat account, he seems to get stuck trying to click the next NPC through one of the boxes open that are somewhat transparent (the ability bar). To fix this, I run that account in a modified "Retro" preset that gives much more open space to avoid this problem.

    Does anyone else have any other ideas for which layouts run better on certain bots, or overall?
  2. old school, make chatbox as small as possible and fit ability bar somewhere in the black space. that way nothing covers up the main canvas
  3. Okay cool. I switched around my settings to full screen, however that does take more CPU so I probably won't use this all the time. Thanks for your input!
  4. The best layout would probably be one that mimics a legit player or avoids the most common layout used by botters. By using a different layout it can change the mouse patterns and help keep your account safe from having the same footprint as many others.
  5. I customized my own layout which makes it look like 07 with the game section at the top left and everything else spread like normal
  6. The client shouldn't be trying to click objects that are behind these transparent interfaces. If it is then you might have slim headers enabled (So disable them). If not, then you should post a thread in the Client support section detailing which script bot was running, which interface it tried to click through (A screenshot of this would be hugely helpful) and mention that slim headers is disabled. Finally you'd tag cloud like this @Cloud so that he gets notified about the thread and is able to respond quicker.

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