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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Marcus48, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Since this is the best site I think our developers should really make some of the best scripts bots, scripts bots that can't be found well developed on other sites.
    A Cow killing script bot. Yes I know about konas, but currently it is a paraplegic and doesn't want to walk from bank to gate or vice versa. It does fine looting and killing cows, but you have to manually walk to the bank UGGGHHH!
    A magic cursing (splashing) script bot. Title says it all, just keeps on casting curses.
    A GOOD MINER! I've yet to find a miner that can consistently make its way from rocks to bank and work properly.
    Karamja FISHER

    Let's start a discussion! :)
  2. cow killling script bot u can probably use something like massfighter or w.e or alpha fighter i believe
  3. I have tried that. Unfortunately, neither of them bank very well.
  4. My miner is coming out soon. Hopefully it Will be premium. but there Will be lite version too.

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  5. both rs3/osrs? :)
  6. Yes sir!
  7. snice :D gl on premium :p just know that @Cloud is soooo strict on it :S :D
  8. I know :p

    Anyway its on already. But there was a trouble with some UI. so i pushed an update. Hoppefully someone Will come soon and review it

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