Best way to wire money to a pure?

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  1. tl;dr my main pure got banned when using another client today for auto fighter, however knowing rune mate has been the safest for me I've decided to only bot on "throwaway" accounts now. Basically I only want to play this game because I enjoy F2P pking and want to know what's the best kind of free bot (Will be going premium soon) which can generate a decent chunk of money before getting banned and wire it to my pure who will be buying supplies ie chins, cannon materials and etc to train it fast...

    Woodcutting takes until around level 60 to start turning a profit and by then you will probably be banned and even at level 60 it's slow

    Mining is dangerous for a level 3 because of scorpions, I'm not gonna lie I need some ideas
  2. Collecting bones? Cowhides? Iron ore? F2p moneymaking on low level is made hard on purpose :p
  3. Cutting Oaks.
  4. Oaks used to be great money, but have dropped 150% recently, so highly recommend other methods. Honestly, going p2p for goldfarming might be an option. I decided to test some p2p money making, and within 10 days I've made 26 mill on him. It's well worth the bond, and well worth at least trying to see how it goes.

    I know OSRS tends to get higher ban rates, but it seems RS3 ban rates have slowed down, making p2p a considerable option for you. I would recommend trying it while the rates are low, cash out before they launch another bot nuke!
  5. Be a man and pick flax.

    Edit: nvm you're f2p. In that case be a man and kill chickens.

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