Best Windows laptops?

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  1. Hey guys i was looking to buy a windows laptop to go along with my macbook. (I know macbook can bootcamp to windows but the shit is horrible) I was trying to see what's a good model to buy. The Dell XPS 13 looks great, what are your thoughts?
  2. @rasan Not really looking for a gaming laptop per say. Just a laptop possibly that's great for business use as well.
  3. Then yeah the dell you said looks pretty nice, just checked it out.
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  4. Asus Zenbooks are quite nice.
  5. @Savior I forgot about ASUS. Thanks about to go check it out now.
  6. Panasonic tookbooks are where its at!
  7. Asus zenbook x305 for student stuff + casual gaming.

    Dell XPS 13 if you want more power, although it's more expensive.

    I'd go with asus if you already have a gaming laptop/expensive macbook.
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  8. Zenbooks come with a lot of different configurations, it's not only for student stuff.
  9. If a good keyboard is important to you (esp. with Home, End, Pg Up, and Pg Dn), then consider a Lenovo Thinkpad (T, X, or P series) or a Dell Latitude (7000 series). The Thinkpad is generally considered to have the most comfortable and tactile keyboards for non-mechanical laptops. With my Thinkpad, though, the keyboard has lost some of its texture and become shiny, making it look like there are finger oils there when there aren't. I'm probably going to shell out $50 and replace the keyboard.

    And if you're programming, a Trackpoint or a similar nipple in the middle of the keyboard is soooooo good. It lets you click on different areas without taking your hands off of your keyboard, making dealing with parentheses and stuff much easier.

    If you just want something that's nice, I recommend the Dell XPS over the Asus. If you want to compare the two, look at this: Face Off: Dell XPS 13 vs. Apple MacBook Pro 13 vs. Asus ZenBook UX305

    That site (Notebookcheck) is really good for laptop, phone, and tablet reviews. They have the most comprehensive, data-filled, and standardized reviews I've found so far.
  10. I have a Acer Aspire V15 "Nitro Black Edition"
    big SSD, either 15" 4k res screen or 17" 1080p
    Superior mobile graphics,
    Stronk CPU

    Overall op laptop, my last one is 10 years old and still goes strong

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