big script in mind

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  1. two scripts bots in mind,

    1. Green dragon bot KiLLER " kills green dragon bots for it extreme xp and money"
    2. Queen Black Dragon "kills Queen Black Dragon"
    I would make them but i will be semi busy for school if you would like to contact me here is my Skype "

    1. [*]Must be Mature
      [*]Should know intermediate Java
      [*]Can pick up a skype call when i call "UNLESS I KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE"
      [*]No one under the age of 13.
      [*]NO LECHERS
      [*]I will give credit to everyone who helps me out.
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  2. Should know Javascript knowledge? What does js have to do with runescape bots?
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  3. i meant Java lol i will fix that thank you for the correction
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  4. So you expect this to be released for free and only for you? I don't quite understand what the purpose of this thread is.

    And it's Java, by the way. JavaScript is another story.
  5. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find someone willing to write you a free private bot for nothing except for "credit"

    Also, random off-topic question, but are you 15 by any chance?
  6. i didn't ask for wright me a full script bot i got most of it and no i am 20,

    side note: if your wondering why i am acting like this i have had lack of sleep for the past few days
  7. That was my point of concern exactly. He didn't leave any detail about the agreements between me/you/any botwriter and him.
  8. Basic Java isn't sufficient for either one of those above
  9. i want to apologizes i am extremely tired.
  10. Uhhh. Is this a troll or am I missing something?
  11. no troll man
  12. Aight.. well best of luck to you!
  13. thanks man here is my proggy to blue dragons :D [​IMG]
    little bit out dated lol was my old script bot i dug it out of the graveyard 1 week ago

  14. I even have some bad writing standards but the formatting hurts. the if (Green_Dragons != null); makes no sense as it looks like that is a stored integer so A), its always going to be not null. B) Still serves no purpose.
  15. Yea like Zasz said there's about 5 million errors in your script bot, I doubt its of any use if you're planning on starting to write one.
  16. RIP scripting? lol
  17. Does Intellij not have an automatic formatter?
    #eclipse master race
  18. IntelliJ can automatically format it for you, but jet fuel can't melt steel beams IDEs can't fix poor programming practices xD
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    Another issue is: That code doesn't even look like the RuneMate API to me... And I'm pretty sure I'd be able to determine whether it is or not.
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  19. Unless he wrote custom methods, stuff like isInCombat and isOnScreen are no methods derived from the RuneMate API.
  20. yea i wrote this 2 years ago for villavu haven't updated it haven't done anything to it.

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