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    Gj mate.
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  3. Could you possibly add North -East G.e banking support for nests
  4. Is banking really needed? When I bot for like 10 hours straight I don't have to bank, I don't think you get THAT many nests right?
  5. I filled a whole inventory in about 12 hours with rabbit foot necklace thing. Not really important, Ill do another test soon, could of gotten lucky
  6. If I am going to add banking, I'd have to support all locations, which is kind of a lot of work. 12 hours is long anyways, I don't suggest using it for THAT long. ;)
  7. Yeah not a biggy just really wanted to go for a 24 hour ivy progress. Any known bugs yet? Yet again thanks for this every other ivy script bot is shit and authors don't seem interested in updating them
  8. The only bug I can find is that it sometimes won't loot nests, but I can't recreate the setting where this happens. I've seen it having the message in the chatbox of having a nest drop, but an empty inventory. Like I said, I'm clueless why it didn't loot them. Thanks by the way. :)
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  9. Just one thing to make sure of implementing is a fail safe for the stairs in the north of varrock castle where the ivy is, can't run Alpha woodcutting for more then 20 minutes without it running up the stairs
  10. I chopped the ivy really close to that close to the tree patch within Varrock castle walls. It's a lot safer to bot there. :p
  11. that's what Im talking about ahah most bots miss click a lot which results it in running up the stairs in the castle, which in turn breaks the bot making it shut down
  12. Yea I might make a failsafe for that, not sure though. I recommend just chopping ivy elsewhere if it happens to you a lot.
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  14. Does it stop or just stop looting? Either way sweet thanks!
  15. It stops looting, it will continue chopping.
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  16. Gratz on release! :D

    Testing now ... Will post a proggy later
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    Proggy is coming very soon.
    I've noticed a very small issue with the camera. Sometimes , when chopping on the south east wall of varrock palace, the camera turns to the WEST, which means you can't see your own player, or the ivy. This is not how I would chop legit, if I can't see the ivy.
    This is what I mean:

    Overall, very smooth :D
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  17. Currently I made it look to random objects in the area as a sort of anti ban and as log out prevention for being idle too long.

    I tried turning to the ivy it was currently chopping but it would also think it could see through walls when using that method so it didn't really improve anything.
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  18. Hmmm, seems the bot gets stuck after picking up a birds nest. After logging in manually, it still idles and does nothing.
  19. What does your command box say?
  20. Do you mean the bar below the big RUNEMATE logo? If yes, it says BIvy on [MY_EMAIL]
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