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  1. Runescape doesnt seem to load after I login to the client, Regardless of if i choose OSRS, RS3, or Darkscape. Not entirely sure what the problem is. I tried to clear my jagex cache and runemate cache to no avail.

    Edit: It appears the graphics won't load, As I can hear the music.

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  3. Yeah, it happened after DarkScape support update launched.
  4. What OS?
  5. Yes, it happens to me on oldschool. Black flashes when I click the client screen. Don't know if it occurs on RS3. Just started happening when the DarkScape support was introduced.
  6. Windows 7, If you meant operating system. Sorry if I took too long. Been out of state, Haven't tried since I've been home.
  7. Happens to me it's the UI, if you resize the window it usually appears
  8. resizing doesn't seem to work for me, it stays black
  9. Would you like help via teamviewer?
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  10. As a temp fix, click on the Settings option in RuneMate.
    Then close the dialog that opens, and you should be fine once again.
  11. i get this problem as well.
  12. Need reproduction steps. Can't do much without.
  13. step 1. open bot
    step 2. type username and password in
    step 3. login

    there you go
  14. Considering all our users, myself included, do exactly that with no issues it's impossible to take your word for it. Please record a video or allow an Executive to Teamviewer to confirm. Also share what operating system you are using.
  15. Try cleaning your Java cache
  16. windows 10 and give me a sec famalama
  17. Here it's windows 7 x32 and also other pc windows 7x64
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    happens on both.
  18. Are you talking about a flicker or a permanent black screen? Flicker is known and not a bug. Permanent black screen (i.e. longer than 2 seconds) is a bug.
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    If it's the latter then I'd like a video of it or Teamviewer.
  19. yea, just a flicker and minimizing issues.
  20. Tell me more about this minimizing issue.

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