Bug Black Screen on CentOS!

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by machusenpai, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Guys, I just bought a vpn and I cannot run runemate on it, I just black screen. All other bot client are working fine tho...

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  2. Maybe try the client / site support section and give specifics on the issue in the post.
  3. RuneMate does not officially support Cent OS. Depending on the exact configuration Linux compatibility varies greatly because not all Linux setups properly support all of Java's features.
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  4. So would it be correct to interpret this response 'if your disto of Linux fully supports Java properly and all of its features, RuneMate should, theoretically, have no issues'?
  5. @Cloud Do you know which linux that support rs3 runemate?
  6. Ubuntu
  7. Will I be able to run the same amount of bots with ubuntu?
  8. Yes
  9. I switched OS to Ubuntu and it still does the same thing, what could it be? If anyone has working settings, programs, etc, I would greatly appreciate if he can send me what hes using.

    @Cloud @Arbiter
  10. I have the same problem on Ubuntu 14.04 to make the client run I installed java 8. Once it launches I got this in console.
    ES2 Prism: Error -GLX extension is not supported GLX version 1.3 or higher is required.
    Xlib: extenstion "RANDR" missing on display 1.0

    That is as far as I got.
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