RS3 Blackjacking at Thieves' Guild

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Mes, May 14, 2015.

  1. Great method, can go up to 140k XP/hr. Why not?
  2. Support (y)
    Was looking for something to level-up thieving.
  3. can go up to 200k/h tho..
    i still dont know why people havent made this.. its basically a basic loop with failsafes.
    I know I might have made it sound easy and shit and that i should make it myself if its that easy.. but i cant script bot and i wont be able to for weeks if i want to do it properly.
  4. This script bot should be made. Best way to lvl thieving.
  5. Would be pretty cool.
  6. Already saw one here a while ago I think, but didn't work out very well because you have to pickpocket him about 3 times in 1 knockout to get that high experience rate which wasn't possible then because the client's mouse lag. They were talking about mouse hopping later on but that looked too botlike.
    Don't know if that problem is fixed yet, been a while since I read that topic so correct me if I'm wrong.

    Big support for someone making this though if it works good then.
  7. Support for this too, would be really nice!
  8. Bump. Does anyone consider coding one of these?
  9. bumping it! :)
  10. I used to bot that with maximum mouse speed back in the prime botting days. I was getting like 240k/hr at 90+ Thieving. It's a great, quick way to knock a 99 out.
  11. Yes it will happen be patient, @SlashnHax is planning to release one soon. Please search the forum before making a thread since at least 5 different posts about a blackjacker have been made in the last two days.

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