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  1. The old blast furnace bot before Spectre only worked well with Steel bars and you could still double your profit at 400k an hour! Would love to see this in spectre with working mithril bars and so forth, would be great for smithing, with huge cash reward.
  2. I will one up you, if any bot developer takes on this task it can easily become premium it is one of the most sought after bots, and I'll tell you what im definitely willing to may more for this than i would and will be paying as soon as the premium scripts bots are back up and functioning, That would also eliminate the leechers from overcrowding the place.
  3. +1 on my side.
    like to see it become premium, since its quite a stready an decent money/h for goldfarming
  4. 95% of the people doing blast furnace are going to leach no matter what you do, no bots or botting. Also making the bot a premium should have nothing do with making gold per hour but how well the bot works with all ores and runs smoothly for a good period of time. You can Gold farm in almost all skills once it has been leveled up a good bit.
    The purpose of this bot should be to level smithing without having to lose tons of gold for bars to smith or wasted time gathering ore for bars to smith. Current smithing bots just smith bars in varrock helping you lose gold or smelting ore which takes lots of time and makes no gold or most of the time loses you cash.
  5. I would be willing to take this task upon me to develop the Blast Furnace, but I will need someone who can speak to me in details about how it works as I do not actuality play Runescape and do not have access to the Blast Furnace.

    If anyone would be willing to give me the information required to develop it then I'd be happy to make it.
  6. @ Pruxis if you acquire a good rank here and good reputation i will let you use my account to figure it out.
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    It should definitely be premium but before it reaches premium it obviously has to have premium quality.
  7. No need for that honestly, just some screenshots and explinations should be adequite.
    Or a well-written and documented "tutorial".

    Once I have written the base I will probably have some volunteers to test for me.

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