RS3 Blood bursting at Abyss [help]

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  1. So I finally finished Desert Treasure, to gain access to Ancient spells.
    Im getting around 120-130k xp/hour on level 68 Magic while using Blood Burst.
    I'm using full Ganodermic + Master's Wand + Dragonfire Shield.
    It seems that I can only survive for around 20-30 minutes, on a full inventory of food.
    Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong ?

    [I will be wielding Staff of Light once i reach 75 Magic]
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    UPDATE: I decided to go for 99 Defence firstly, to make training Magic alot easier.
  2. 99 defence should really help with lasting longer, yeah. Your gear is fine.
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  3. Thanks for your reply buddy, but is my XP rate normal ?
  4. I would assume so, but don't take my word for it. I always superheated to 99 Magic because back then it was still profitable (say 200k an hour) and the Smithing exp was more than welcome.
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