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  1. Welcome To BOB's Signature Shop!

    I've been an avid Photoshop user for many years. Mostly creating signatures and banners for communities and friends. Cant say I'm the best or the worse but I will give you the best quality I can! I'm very fond of photo manipulation and have been practicing a lot on it lately. As with all my work, its completely free! I do this as a hobby so it may take some time to produce a finished product but I assure you I will not forget my requests! If you would like to request one fill out the forum below!

    Request Forum
    This will help me get an idea of what you want included within your signature. Feel free to include any pictures you would like to include within your signature, please post links not pictures themselves. Imgur links only!​
    1. Type of Signature: (Grunge, tech, photomanip, ect..)
    2. Signature or Avatar?:
    3. Size: (Standard is 500x120px for signatures)
    4. Text:
    5. Colors:
    6. Pictures:
    7. Any Other Information:
    Current Works In Progress

    Examples of Work


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