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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Mark Ryan, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Looking for a bot that kills a selected player constantly over and over.
    There would need to be two computers / clients running the script bot.

    • Player A is the 'killer' so he selects 'killer' when the script bot starts , then types the players name
    • Player B is the 'boosting partner' who does nothing except stand there and take a beating
    There would have to be a 30 second wait timer for PVP xp to turn back on.

    Rather then having to add extra features like running when guards come etc , it would be smarter to make it compatible for magebank , canifis , daemonheim etc , places where there are no guards.

    Reason I'm requesting this:
    You can earn up to 240,000 + XP/hr killing high level accounts , roughly 2k per kill on 90+ accounts.

    Would be awesome to see , I may pay if I have too , although I wouldn't classify it as a difficult bot.
  2. would require 2 scripts bots probs someone would ask for a premium price on this but gl sounds very cool idea i thought about something like this too
  3. I would be interested in paying for something like this.
  4. I also have something similar to this but it's something else and it's alot of xp can get up to 400k xp AN hour. Not willing to share tho sorry ;c
  5. Is there nothing we can do for you to share it?
  6. I would like to share it but it would get saturated and maybe nerfed.
    If someone was to make a bot and It could be public I can tell the bot author :d
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  7. Ok I see. Just if you ever want to tell me im all ears :p
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