Bored on RS3 - What should I do?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by Vlad, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've just recently started playing again since the release of EOC. im having a bit of trouble adapting to EOC so im playing half legacy and half with the new update. I was wondering if theres anything new I can do? Maybe some new bosses or certain clans that do PvM often? I remember there being a huge Corp friends chat but its all dead now :(

    125 CB ~ 90-120m
    i could skill but rather do PvM so if you wanna link up just msg me and ill add u!
  2. Spend all your cash in gear and camp a boss, set a goal of kills?
  3. Welcome to the community :)

    There is loads of new quests and bosses that have been added since you would have last played. I would highly recommend completing the elf quest line to unlock access to Prifddinas. Its the new elf city and it has loads of benefits and new ways to train.

    If your struggling to find things to do I'm happy to meet you in game and I could help you find fun things you might enjoy. Just PM me your name and I'll add you in game :) I'm 1 Player Owned Port journey away from completionist cape on my main, so I have alot of experience with Runescape ;)
  4. Swap your money to OSRS and start playing that instead. Hopefully, it'll end up as pre-EoC.
  5. Go for Final Boss title it will take a while but you can eran some good cash while doing it.
  6. Thanks! ill msg u in a bit,
    do you know of any friend chats or clans that are dedicated to PvM? im also going for 85 slayer because i heard the slayer master from the elf city is really good.
    side note: ive always hated the amount of effort i have to put into questing but i might have to do some considering i still have the default prayer book -_-
  7. I've been thinking of starting PVMing, I'm a similar CB as you. :)
    Go for that.
  8. lets link up!
  9. Runemate clan confirmed?
  10. so down

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