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  1. As the Executives are working day and night to internally wrap up the alpha stage, I would like to informally check in with the future Bot Authors on their status/progress. Please let us know in a response on this thread with a brief description of your bot, ETAs, progress reports, struggles, etc.

    This will benefit us all so that the bot authors can avoid making redundant products, Executives can focus their energy and time on helping you, and users can keep up to date on upcoming releases. Also we have not formally disclosed our business model, but rest assured that it is approaching and the developers with the best positioned bots with the most public exposure will have the first chance to participate in our profit sharing beta.

    Let's get moving boys!
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  2. May I also suggest bot authors by starting with releasing "easy" bots such as powerminers, powerchoppers etc... Help us fill the Bot Store first with the essentials and then we can all work on more complicated bots such as AIO Fighters etc...
  3. This.

    If you want any suggestions, I have tons of idea's for good scripts bots.
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