RS3 Bot Carefully! Stuff I have learned for safe botting

Discussion in 'General' started by Prodigy, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. I have been using Runemate for over 4-5 months without ever having any issues. This morning, after the ripper demon update, 2 of my accounts were banned.

    This is not a thread to tell people how Runemate is detectable or w/e, because my other accounts are still doing well. Thankfully my 2 worse accounts were banned. This was completely my fault though. When I started using Runemate, I used all precautions, but over the months I got overconfident and ran bots for much longer at a time (8-10 hours), not using bots on proxies etc and im sure one of the VPS i used got tagged, and the accounts I used on it got banned. I used other accounts on that VPS too, but on proxies and they werent affected.

    Some of the stuff that had kept me safe for the past 5 months was

    1) Not doing the same skill for more than 2 days in a row
    2) Not running the bot over 5 hours at a time
    3) USING A DIFFERENT IP FOR EACH BOT (I stopped doing this last week, and now im banned)
    4) Use one account on one specific IP. Dont switch IPs on accounts

    tl; dr : I had been fine doing that for the last 5 months. I stopped using some of these precautions about 2-4 weeks ago, and paying the price for it now. Try using those precautions

    Good luck botting!
  2. You can not generalize what to do and what not, like use different ips or dont bot exactly 2 days in a row.
    I had an account which I botted with RuneMate for over a year with great success. I botted almost every day and sometimes I was botting astral runes for 4 days to make a lot of money. All I did was finding a good mixture of botting and playing legit. You cannot keep an account alive without playing legit, do some quests, do some minigames or whatever you feel like doing legit, that should be enough to stay safe.
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  3. I get that, those are just some of the precautions I had been taking for 4-5 months, without any bans/issues. Stopped paying attention to them a couple weeks ago, and I got banned. Just wanted to share them so it might help some people out
  4. yo man, i had 3 of my acc's banned over last 12 days, on osrs i really think they cracking down on runemate
  5. No thats just osrs, Goldfarm accounts bearly last a day
  6. Imo runemate is like any other botting client for osrs i dont believe they have very good if any mouse movement detection methods i think they detrct on patterns with you xp gainz and stats but the rs3 client is revolutionary as they have great mouse mivemnt bot detection

  7. Agreed. I also believe chat is a huge factor also. Join a good clan chat one that's busy and chat away in it.

    I wish they would make runemate on osrs handle the random events better. Even though you can dismiss the events now it happens from legit players very rarely. But happens from runemate every time.
  8. Thanks for the tips, mate. :)
  9. Yeah but don't forget to leave it when you not overnight(if you plan on sleeping). I'm pretty sure I was banned because someone in my chat reported me as I slept.

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