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  1. Hey guys. Ive a problem with the client. If i set up the bot and let it work in the background(minimize it), everytime when the bot click, the window change and i can not write in my browser. I hope you know what i mean. Ive windows 10... Its like: I wanna write something in my browser and then the bot click and the window change.. Sorry im german and dont know how to explain it less complicated..

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  3. I've had this problem too. I solved it by clicking the icon in the taskbar to minimise the runescape client, instead of using the 'minus' sign on the window itself.
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  4. I have also had this issue many of times. A fix I've come across is by using the program "TrayIt" to minimize the runescape clients into the system tray which then stops the windows changing. Good luck.
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  5. Thank you !! The first methode works perfect. But the second method sounds also really great
  6. No Worries! Glad you got it fixed.

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