Resolved bot crashes everytime i start a script?:/

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  1. 8gb ram etc, didn't use to. Recently started i have uptodate java.

    Latest script bot was the slayer script bot, does the same with any other.
  2. Hi Kyler1994,

    Try cleaning your Java cache.

    If this didn't help, please run RuneMate using a BATCH file.
    This will allow you/us to view debug information to easier identify the issue.
    First off all, put RuneMate.jar on your desktop.
    Simply open up notepad, and paste in the following:
    Code (Text):
    1. java -jar RuneMate.jar
    Save this as RuneMate Debug.bat on your desktop.
    [Make sure when saving you've selected Save As> All Files]
    Then simply run the batch file, and try to run a bot.
    Make a screenshot of the debug dialog, and post it here.

    Best Regards,
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  3. still same, if no script bot is on it lags to hell
  4. Can you please make the screenshot as I mentioned in my previous post ?
  5. 2 seconds mate, ill see the report when it freezes bare with me
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