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  1. Since the new update the Bot doesn't run to the specific Area that I designated. I've also noticed when using the developer tool "Area Maker" It normally draws to minimap. I can no longer see that aswell.

    EDIT: Running on Fixed Mode.


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  3. Where abouts is the area and which Path type are you building/using?
  4. So it's not just me? Trying to write my first script bot here, but it just won't move when told to.

    public static Area bankArea = new Area.Polygonal(
    new Coordinate(2331, 3691, 0),
    new Coordinate(2331, 3687, 0),
    new Coordinate(2328, 3687, 0),
    new Coordinate(2328, 3691, 0)​

    Path p = BresenhamPath.buildTo(bankArea);
    if(p != null) {

    I do get spam "Step" in console, but nothing is happening.

    Also tried this:

    WebPath toBank = Traversal.getDefaultWeb().getPathBuilder().buildTo(bankArea);
    if (toBank != null) {

    Again, it spams "Step" but nothing happens.

    It's OSRS, fixed mode
  5. Circular I even tried Rectangular and that didn't work. I was using RegionPath but also Tried BresenhamPath and that didn't work.
  6. which area maker were you using
  7. Area Maker by @Viewer
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  8. This got fixed with the update yesterday.

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