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  1. well only been running 2 bots for a hour and half and keep getting can not acceisble memory thing i got a 2g alienware computer that i know can hold over 50+ bots so that aint a issue so what would it be?
  2. You computer cannot run 50+ instances. The maximum memory that can be allocated to the JVM is ~1.3GB. You can set this to be the max value by passing -Xmx1300M as a program argument.
  3. where do u enter that at?
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  4. Go to the spectre troubleshooting thread. Check the last tip.
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  5. What makes you so sure that your "2g alienware computer" can "hold over 50+ bots"? xD
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  6. 2g for the computer 5g for the parts ;) i7 6700K that cost 1g itself

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