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  1. Hi there! I asked the question if people would be interested in a bot account's progress, and the results were very positive. So, I decided to create a thread to house all of my progress! For the sake of privacy and safety, account information will be blacked out, and will be identified with pseudo names.

    Update 1) I created this account with the specific purpose of getting up combat. After simply leaving him on to train and going to work, this is what I came home to. Pretty even levels so far! My next goal is to push to 50 att/str/def/hp to get rune armor and weapons.
    Update 2) I finally got to 50 att/str/def/hp after taking a little break, rune armor with armadyl extras looking pretty sweet! Next up is to do some skilling, probably fm since it goes up so quickly :)

    This is all I have done for now, but I will continue to update the thread and post more progress pictures as I go! If you have any recommendations for bots to use to help with training, please let me know!
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  2. First!
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  3. Fun to see you get 99/99/99. I recovered my maxed (135) main, and said I would never start over ^^
  4. I can try! I just need some good scripts bots. Killing monks and such probably won't cut it :p
  5. Good luck! hope you dont get banned
  6. Nice! Keep up the work and keep us updated, will be fun to follow! ;)
  7. Thanks! I'm not gonna be botting a ton to keep ban rates down hopefully, so progress will be slower. But hopefully it'll be safer :D
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to posting more!

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