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  1. So, this is my first post but i've been having a problem with either the bots or spectre itself. I don't know which. Basically, I will try out a new bot and it'll work flawlessly. Smooth runs for hours or even up to a couple of days. After a period of time though, the bot will no longer work independently and will only activate upon aid. For example, I used to use the Pest Control Beta bot and it worked very well, ran fine for hours. Might've been a day or two even, but out of nowhere I start it up again and it no longer crosses the plank from the dock to the boat in order to start the minigame. So, I manually crossed it thinking it might just need a kick start and it completed the 3-5 minute game and then just sat there on the dock. It would do this after every 1 game that it completes, and would never start one on it's own like it used to. Eventually i'd be logged out for inactivity. Same thing is happening now with Celestial Rooftops. An agility bot. It worked fine for a few hours, and after the last system update, it no longer climbs the walls in order to start the agility course by itself. I have to hover my cursor over the area until it climbs it. Normally, I would have chalked this up to the bot needing an update due to the system update for OSRS. But, my friend had also used the Pest Control bot as I was experiencing those issues. It worked flawlessly for him up until he was able to get full range void, which was our goal. (850 pts) and mine stopped working at around 300 pts. So, I am not sure if it is client side or what, but i'd appreciate some help as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!
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    Post #2 by Party, Jun 23, 2016
  3. Specific bot feedback should be left in the bot's dedicated support thread.
  4. Well, it isn't really specific as it happens to multiple bots that I use. But ok.
  5. Then report the multiple bugs on multiple threads.
  6. Already got it figured out somewhat, and maybe you should get your priorities straight. I've already looked into these specific bots and people are having the same problem as I am and every bot author responds with "It must be a client issue, these are not problems in the script bot". I love puttin people who are obviously wrong, on blast. Goodluck. :)
  7. My priorities are in the right place, always are. That said, believe you could be correct - my post was made before I was made aware that there is potentially issues with GameObject interaction since the latest update. Regardless, these are still bot issues and there is already a thread open about the interactions.

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