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Discussion in 'Goals' started by Exile, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. I just found the way to get 99 construction completely for free.
    It is done using portable sawmills, basically it works like this:

    Input: 1 Mahogany log
    Output: 1 Mahogany plank + 10% chance of receiving protean planks

    You make profit/break-even by selling the planks, and you use the protean planks for training construction. They are stackable so your exp will really be amazing :)
    100k planks are needed from 1-99 construction.

    Bots for this are of course already made by me, but they're not failsafed etcetera, and because I don't want this to become a high banrate just yet, I'm going to wait releasing it until I got all the protean planks I need myself.

    You can keep track of it here: (updating daily)
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  2. Lol nice tracker, that's awesome.
  3. Already have a script bot for that <3

    Looking forward to yours, though :)
  4. Where would you end up getting enough portable sawmills?
  5. Share with me because taalgenoot :D
  6. Over een week ben ik terug
  7. I was doing this on my main for a while, are you going to end up releasing the bot? I would LOVE it!
  8. How much money would you spend from 1 to 99 ? Since you would break even /profit. All I have is 300k in bank lmao
  9. I know oak logs make bank, I spent like 1m on oak logs and got back like 4m
  10. What? Lmao add me on skype, somegifguy
  11. Very interested in release :)
  12. Btw is this osrs?
  13. Last I heard @Exile is busy due to school. Hoping he'll be unbusy and scripting soon. :)
  14. I still have no idea, can these portables be made ingame or it can be only won by treasure hunter?
  15. @Gandalf i'm out of this then! Hahaha :D
  16. looking forward to this :)

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