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  1. Since Spectre has come out and a lot of Bots need updating, there's been many bots that are missing. Just making a small list of ones I know we need feel free to add to it. Sorry for the sloppiness of the this its just how I work my thoughts out best :)

    1 - A Smithing bot that uses anvils or does artisans workshop.

    2 - A more optimized hunting bot

    3 - A crafting bot. If someone does make one they utilize the hotbar in Rs3 as if you put hide and such on it you just press that button to bring up the Crafting UI

    4 - Fletching bot. Same thing as crafting

    5. A working super heater bot

    6 - A Thieving bot that does lure-knock outs or lockpicks the jail gates in thieves guild

    7 - A construction bot. Should really only focus on Oak ladders, Carved Teak Magic Wardrobes, Mahogany tables, and Flotsam pawnbrokers

    I believe those are really the main bots needed atm for missing skills. Mining bots are progressing nicely although i haven't really seen a very efficient power miner
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  2. 1. would be solved with portable bot
    3. would be solved with portable bot
    4. would be solved with portable bot

    so theres 3 out of 7 xD

    defeat3d is working on his hunter bot, which supports chins. which is a decently fast and profitable method.
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  3. It still would be nice to have the option without portables as I don't believe they're free to play
  4. fair enough
  5. While I think that it's a great thing to make/update bots for these skills, I feel like bot authors atm have too much on their plate... new projects left and right.
  6. Portables are not free to play, but the bigger reason for doing those scripts bots without Portables would be for Ironmen. There is so much content in the game that Ironmen don't have access to, such as Portables.

    Another few useful scripts bots:

    8 - A flawless herblore script bot. Should be able to clean, add herbs to vials, add secondaries, and use bank presets to speed up the process.

    9 - Gathering bots being able to have the signs of the porter implemented into them.

    10 - Plank making bot that uses a tokul-zo ring to teleport to fight kiln, bank with presets, teleport to taverly house (outside of the house), talk to sawmill operator and make planks, and then tokul-zo back. This entire script bot can be done with presets for house tele, tokul-zo, and bank preset.

    Post some feedback if you have more ideas and let's get this thread rolling!
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    11 - Tuska Event point bot. There are good xp and rewards to be earned here.
  7. Would love tuska event point bot
  8. Sorry dont have time to go into detail but a few good ones which i would use would be:

    • Mining bot (re-written for spectre) I dislike how slow banking is on all the mining bots , so i risk my account using a premium powerbot mining script bot. Would love to use a runemate one.
    • Artisans workshop bot
    • Hunting bot
    • Crafting bot (same as above so i risk my account using a premium powerbot crafting script bot. Would love to see a runemate one!
  9. i would love to see a nature runecrafting bot with spirit graahk or astral runecrafter in lunar isle since there is already a stable enough runespan bot.
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  10. I would like an Air orb bot for RS3 - Probably good choice for a Premium / Supporter bot :)
  11. Mining for which, Osrs or RS3?
  12. ah, osrs is where it's at though! and have you seen plans for update to mining/smithing?
  13. Looking forward to mining/smithing rework but i believe its not coming until september, also i prefer PVM so i like RS3 better
  14. My last exam for this semester is tomorrow, so I might be able to make some of these, also @Eagles13 should be done rewriting his bots soon which should also fulfill some of these requests.
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